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About Us

Our Japan is the brainchild of Donny Kimball and Kyodo PR. Just as Airbnb did for the vacation rentals market, the platform seeks to eventually unlock a sea of latent demand. By connecting traditional craftsmen with potential prospects overseas, Our Japan aims to bridge the awareness gap and bring new revenue streams to regional artisans in Japan. Unlike many other e-commerce players out there, Our Japan does not rely solely on an advertising-backed business model. Instead, the platform looks to leverage content creators living in Japan to act as affiliates. This ensures that promotional costs are only incurred when a transaction is actually made while also providing a means of monetization for these creators.

This novel solution evolved from the countless hours that Donny spent trying to bring cutting edge digital marketing services to Japan’s craftsmen. In the final analysis, someone always ended up getting the short end of the stick. Either the artisan or the marketer had to forfeit much of their profits or the additional costs had to be borne by the buyer.

By creating a system whereby content creators in Japan can promote whatever types of products and goods work best for their existing audiences, Our Japan solves this issue. The platform is win-win-win for the craftsmen, the promoters and the entity managing Our Japan. Since all parties are invested, this ensures the success of the system as a whole.

The name Our Japan comes from the fact that the platform seeks to create a pathway to conversion for content creators like Donny and others who pour their hearts into promoting Japan. Prior to the creation of Our Japan, it was difficult for those consuming these creators’ work to support the Japanese craftsmen that they regularly feature. This site now solves that conundrum.

Ultimately, it is our hope that Our Japan will help fans of Japanese artisans from all over the world uncover products that they would love to purchase if they only knew they existed.