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The Team

Our Japan consists of a decentralized network of content creators living here in Japan. Each of the many members acts as an affiliate and can promote whichever products best resonate with their respective audiences. By structuring the marketing in this way, we can ensure that Japan's craftsmen only ever incur costs upon making a sale, thereby guaranteeing an ROI.

In addition to Donny Kimball, the digital marketing mastermind and co-founder of Our Japan, the network also includes influential individuals such as Cheeserland and Bunny Tokyo. Since each of various members covers different aspects of Japan, Our Japan is able to cover a wide variety of niches.

Seeing as the team at Our Japan is growing every day, it's impossible for us to list everyone here. That said, if you'd like to potentially join our ranks, you can apply here to become part of the family. Do note though that we are only accepting content creators here in Japan.

At the end of the day, the entire objective of this initiative is to support the hardworking craftsmen of Japan...