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Handmade Black Bowls from the Tamba Area's Kilns Ceramic & Pottery Glazes Tamba Ceramics

Handmade Black Bowls from the Tamba Area's Kilns

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These handmade bowls were produced in Hyogo Prefecture's Tamba area by Ichino Taro. Far more than just a functional kitchenware, these bowls are works of art unto themselves and have an austere but nostalgic aura to them.

You can easily tell the love and care that Ichino Taro puts into his work when you hold one of these bowls. It's a legacy that he inherited from his father Ichino Koji who was also an artisan working in Tamba.

The small bowls are the perfect size for serving side dishes and can even be microwaved (though you should refrain from putting them in the oven).

🔥 About the Tamba Area's Wares

Located to the north of Kobe in the middle of western Honshu, the Tamba area is renowned as being one of Japan's top six sources for ceramics. Believed to date as far back as Japan's Heian period (794-1185), this kiln has an impressive historical legacy.

Products hailing from the Tamba area have a unique ash covered hue which is the result of baking clay at approximately 1300℃ for over sixty hours. This high heat chemical reaction is one of the facets that sets Tamba's wears apart from other kilns in Japan.